Wall Removal

Interior Wall Removal in Birmingham, ALDoes your home renovation ideas call for a wall removal? As a licensed remodeling contractor in Birmingham, we can do it safely.

Removing walls can be a great way to expand a living space to fit your needs. That said, maintaining the structural integrity of the framing is super important.

Because of this, the process to take down these room partitions must be done by an experienced building contractor.

We have a team of trained, skillful, and fully equipped renovation professionals. They will take always take a safe approach to every wall teardown project.

More and more of the remodeling projects we do involve the expansion of an existing room or space. By hiring us to do the job, you can be confident everything will be done to current building codes.

Want to renovate the inside of your home but a pesky wall is in the way? Let us demo it professionally!
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Interior Wall Removal in Birmingham, AL

You need to be careful while selecting the building contractor for interior wall removal. It’s not as easy taking aim at it with a sledgehammer. Careful consideration of several factors needs to be done before tearing down anything. There are two (2) types of interior walls and they are:

  • Load Bearing. The definition of a load-bearing wall is any wall that specifically supports the weight of the roof or floor.
  • Non-Load Bearing. The definition of a non-load-bearing wall is one that is aesthetic and isn’t used to support weight loads.

Reputable remodeling contractors know applicable building codes and laws, we are and we do. The team of design and construction professionals we have is friendly and knowledgeable. They work with you to discuss your needs, wants, and ideas. Everyone involved will communicate all the possibilities for your interior wall removal project. This helps you to make informed decisions.

The process of removing a wall inside your house isn’t recommended as a DIY project. Before we tear anything down, our building inspector will conduct a thorough evaluation. They’re inspecting your attic, basement, or crawlspace to determine if your interior wall bears load or not. This inspection is critical to ensure the integrity of the home’s structure after wall removal.

We also inspect your wall for HVAC, wiring, or plumbing involvement. Certain elements in your existing wall may need to be relocated during the process. When it’s all said and done, we’re going to make sure that we take it down properly.

Open Concept Room Remodel

Opening up closed-off or outdated floorplan has plenty of benefits. Doing this can help to increase your living space and improve natural light. The new, enlarged area feels more spacious and welcoming. Ever thought about cutting out a wall opening to walk out onto a beautiful deck? Just ask.

An open concept room remodel can easily be accomplished within your budget. While it’s true that removing and supporting a load-bearing wall can be a little more costly, it’s seldom a budget-breaker. This applies to commercial projects too.

Many of our customers want to create seamless transitions from one room to another. Some like to combine the kitchen, dining, and living rooms into one flowing space. Others want to build a room addition or expand a master bathroom. Whatever your reasons are, we would love to show you how to make it happen.

We provide interior wall removal services during home remodeling in Birmingham, Vestavia Hills, Mountain Brook, Homewood, Hoover, Trussville, and Springville, AL.

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